We believe that a sneaker can be more than a sneaker, it can do social good too. When you buy a pair of Deuce sneakers* we donate $5 to the Young Hearts Project – our very own charity initiative.

Founded in 2014, it all started from a desire to empower young Kiwis and help them to reach their potential. So far we’ve raised over $900,000 thanks to our Deuce customers.

To help realise the change we want to see, we partnered with three leading charities who work to support and inspire young people in the community:
1. Youthline
2. Great Potentials – Mates Junior programme
3. Graeme Dingle Foundation - Kiwi Can programme

When young people need someone to talk to, Youthline and their trained volunteers are there to answer their texts, emails and calls – they respond to thousands every month. They run a free youth health service in Grey Lynn, Auckland which we are the primary funder of.

Some students find the transition from Intermediate to Secondary school challenging. The 1 year Great Potentials’ MATES Junior mentoring programme provides vital academic support and life skills, enabling fundamental change by helping young Kiwis build meaningful relationships and embrace the joy of learning.

Challenges are a reality for primary and intermediate students in New Zealand. The Graeme Dingle Foundation’s Kiwi Can programme is an interactive life skills programme that aims to use physical, mental and creative challenges to teach them self-confidence, responsibility, positivity and resilience for the future. Each week in all of the 100 Kiwi Can schools across the country an entire school participates in a KiwiCan sessions which contribute to greater communication, skills, social interaction, cooperation and displays of kindness and caring.

*Excludes sale and jandals.